Pam Stone from “Coach”

Pam Stone played Judy in the original series of “COACH”. Well, the series is making a comeback. Here’s our delightful chat with Pam, as she shares thoughts on leaving the farm and getting back into show biz. Gun lovers, ya, you better listen to this.

Ch Ch CHanges….. Wake Up Call for Radio!

Someone has to kick radio stations in the ass. Radio is probably one of the biggest whiners out there right now, well maybe for the exception of Fox News about Trump.

First radio got all fired up about satellite radio. Sirius/XM really hasn’t done that much to hurt your local radio station. They did show the public that there is another audio road and this one is uncensored. Which to some is refreshing. Radio is being told one of the reasons you have crappy ratings is that your listeners have fled to satellite and the Internet. There are now thousands of internet radio stations. Some sound pretty good and are run by folks that know what they’re doing. On the other hand, a lot are crap and seem to be just a platform for kids to drop the F-Bomb over and over again. The Auto Industry are putting Internet radios in some cars and even outfitting vehicles with Wi-Fi. How does radio, in their infinite wisdom, answer this looming threat? Just about every station have now cloned their signal so you can hear it over the internet. Yes, the same signal that forced listeners to flee in the first place, but it’s on the internet and they have a flashy webpage to go with it. Now they have, not just the local audience, who put them at the bottom of the rating pile, but don’t mind showing off to a Worldwide audience, which proves the locals were right. We then hear from radio when asked, “The internet side really isn’t doing that much for us.”

We all know that your local radio station or terrestrial radio has to play within the rules set out by the FCC in the US, and the CRTC in Canada. If they don’t, they might be shut down and believe me that has happened.

After working in Radio for the better part of my life and it really was the “better part”. I don’t know how many times I heard, “WOW if I could just run this station, it would be #1.” I heard that from GM’s talking about PD’s, PD’s talking about GM’s and Announcers talking about both. I even heard it from an accountant that was running a station that went into bankruptcy. All very creative people with very creative ideas on how to move forward.

The time has come for local radio, that’s playing on the internet, to do “*something* or get off the pot”.

We asked the FCC and the CRTC what they’d allow radio stations to do. The CRTC was first to reply “There are no CRTC licensing requirements for radio or television stations in order to operate over the internet. Therefore, terrestrial stations can not only broadcast their feeds on line, they can broadcast programming completely different.”  

Handling the FCC was Corey Deitz from ”So, on your Internet radio station you are free to broadcast whatever music you choose, no matter the content. The same can be said for any spoken word including pre-recorded or live comedy, poetry, political, social or cultural discussions.”

With tablets, smartphones, laptops, apps there has never been a better time for radio to take the next step and show the World how creative it can be. Come on radio, you’re being given a blank      internet slate to play on. Don’t be lazy and do what everyone else is doing, repeating your tired old radio signal.

I don’t want to say that station owners are cheap, but how was copper wire invented?. Two station owners fighting over a penny. You can create an added revenue stream by doing something new. Yes, you might have to hire extra producers, maybe on-air, a writer or two and a web person.

I can hear the excuses, “Oh you can’t really measure how many people are listening!” Yes you can, there’s a company with an app for that. I was talking to an ex-radio friend that runs a Toronto internet station he gets a wealth of information from, how many are listening, in what country, to how long they listen. His average minutes tuned per listener is over a staggering 45 min. “We’ve noticed that more people listen to our station and not the web feed”. I’m sure someone in Japan said, “What, those waves, just tickling my toes, Tsunami, Pastrami, ha ha ha”. One word for you, “ADVERTISE!!”

So Mr/Mrs Radio, you play country but you’ve always wanted to play Rock & Roll or maybe you run a talk station but you’ve always wanted to throw in comedy. You can do it now, over there, on the internet. You can stay as local as you want, or go as Worldly as you want. There’s a ton of great content out there from some very creative people.

Right now, some *kid* dropping an F-Bomb, is getting better ratings than you. Ya, and you can tell that kid, “Hey Get Off My Lawn!”

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Bryan Cox
Broadcaster/Author/Comedian/Voice Actor
Twitter @OffTheLawn

BANK CAUGHT…with Hand in Cookie Jar

The TD Bank with branches in the USA and Canada, has been caught with their hand in the cookie jar, by putting hundreds of dollars worth of charges through on a Visa credit card, that was not activated by the user. TD charges interest every month on that money and if the person, which has been a loyal customer since 1978, can’t make the minimum payment they make even more. Let’s think about the millions of dollars that might be made if the TD or the other big banks have done this to countless others.

Ok, here’s the story and I’ll let you figure out who the bad guy is.
A TD Visa card holder buys a juice product from Xango. Xango sends the product out every month with pre-authorized payments on her Visa card. There comes a time, that the clients Visa expires thus making it null and void. The TD Bank sends her a new credit card. This new credit card has to be activated to be used. I’m sure we’ve all been in a situation where you haven’t activated your old card to new card, and it was turned down. This client does not activate the new TD Visa card. A representative from Xango calls and tells her, shipments cannot go through until they have the new credit card information. Even the TD Bank sent a letter saying that, until the Visa card was activated, she would not be able to use it and pre-authorized payments would not go through. This is fine with the client. She wants to hold off activating the new card to pay down her debt load. Two shipments from Xango arrive at the clients house and hundreds of dollars has been charged on a Visa card that has not yet been activated by the TD Bank. That’s the story in a nutshell.
You could say that there are 2 schools of thought on this. It’s Xango’s problem for sending out the product. On the other hand, it’s TD’s problem for letting the credit go through.

The TD Bank is charging interest and “over-limit” charges on money that they voluntarily put on the card. Yes, those charges put her ‘over limit.’ When contacted by the client, they said, and not in a customer friendly way, it was all Xango’s problem and would not reverse the hundreds of dollars in charges. When I contacted the TD for comment by sending out over 10 emails, I received one call and she said she’d get back to me, well I’ve had to shave nine times and I’m still waiting. I ended up calling Customer Service and talked with Robert Anderson, a customer service supervisor. Anderson explained and very nicely I might add, that they do put through pre-authorized payments even on a card that hasn’t been activated, as in having a health club membership, but they will not put through a single charge, like from a store. So if you needed life saving insulin from the drug store, sorry you’re out of luck.This is all normal practise for the TD Bank.
When given the chance to comment, Visa ignored it.

Trying to get a comment out of Dustin Gardner, Treasury Manager for Xango was as easy as trying to get the Beatles back together again.

Some might yell, “fraud or embezzlement.” What side of the fence does your laundry fly?

Fraud, which is “wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.”

Embezzlement, which is “theft or misappropriation of funds placed in one’s trust”.

The RCMP say, we can’t yell that on a National stage because this is a Civil matter, not Federal.

Canadian Banks have made record profits, but with that, they seem to have given up on customer satisfaction. A J.D. Power study puts customer satisfaction at an all time low with the major banks. The main reason, fees and more fees. We must tell you, that the TD Bank, has for the last 10 years, rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction.
Lets keep an eye open on your credit card statements. We live an age where complete strangers can steal your identity. We would never think that the big banks would use your identity to steal interest and other fees, or do they? One of the main reasons you’ve never heard about this in the mainstream media is that, TD and Visa are massive advertisers and no one wants to bite the hand that feeds.

Hey, TD and Visa, Get Off My Lawn!

Bryan Cox
25 years as a Broadcaster.
Host/Producer of the International Radio feature and Column “Hey, Get Off My Lawn.”
18 years as a Stand-Up Comic and authoring “My Joke Book”

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MAX Your AD $’s

coxvopic3.jpgLETS LOOK at getting the most for your ad dollars. The Voice Over you hire is very important. It’s because the voice calls up emotions, memories and so much more in the listener. The voice is the voice for your brand and will call people to action. If you use the same voice on your ads all the time, as soon as someone hears that voice, they will think of your store or product instantly. Now you better hope your message is something they want to hear because if it isn’t, everytime they hear that voice from now on…bad things happen in the mind of the listener. Most big time ad agencies will sell a client one ad and the client takes that ad to a radio station, buys time, lets say 5 runs a day for a week for a total of what…. 35 runs. Over that week, basiclly the same people listen in the morning, afternoon and evening. The client is running the same ad over and over again. There is such a thing as “listener fatige”, when things start to go in one ear and out the other. This means that by about the 2nd day every listener has heard your ad and are bored with it. You message is LOST. You’ve wasted your advertising dollars. It’s like when you watch TV and the commercial comes on, you know that within 2 seconds if you’ve seen it …and you’re off the couch getting a snack, yes missing the message of the commercial. On the other hand during the Super Bowl, people wait for the commercials, why, because they’re new and creative. When you make a media buy, let’s say radio, you really should be running 3 different commercials on an equal rotation, that way the same listeners are not hearing the same spot, they’re hearing roughly the same message but in a different way. The result they hear your message. So don’t be fooled by the agency or radio station telling you that you only need one ad. I know my company always sells 3 spots for the price that you would pay them, for just one. It’s your money, get the most out of it.
Coming soon…”What Radio won’t tell about Advertising”
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Your Advertising…R.I.P

coxvopic2.jpgYOUR advertising can LIVE. Now’s the time for fresh new approch. The Voice over is the part of a TV show, Commercial etc where you hear just the voice of the narrator or announcer. People retain 81 % of what they hear from a professional voice over artist as compared to only 35% from a regular person doing the voice over. You’ve all heard the owner of a business doing his own ads. 98% are pretty bad. The trend today is to have a professional voice over person sound like a regular person. That way marketing and ad agencies figure you have all bases covered. This kind of ad can almost sound phoney too and that’s because of the script. The writers don’t normally write for the voice and personality, they write to time like 15, 30, 60 sec. Believe me they try to fit in as much as they can in that time. Thus the script doesn’t sound natural.
As a client you want the best writing, voice and production and you don’t want to pay a fortune for all three. Rule of thumb if you’re a client, less is more when it comes to writing, try to have one big idea per commercial. When Ford advertises about a truck, the commercial is about the truck and not about the whole line of Ford vehicles. The voice need to pay for is one that isn’t heard in your market place. Don’t use a voice from the local radio station. Chances are that that voice is already on dozens of commercials. Remember a different voice makes your spot different and that means it’ll stand out from the others. Once you’ve hired the voice, they can usually do all the production for you and do it well. That voice will even email the spot to any station you’d like too. Some good places to hire a professional voices that have state of the art production studios is..
If you have any questions about your advertising please feel free to email me and I’d be happy to give you a hand.

Coming soon…ways you can maximise your Ad Dollars
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Advertising in a Recession

coxvopic1.jpgOH !! there’s that “R” word again. If there’s one thing I hear from business owners and I’m not talking about the massive, MacDonalds or Wal-Marts, I talking about the normal businesses in your town, the stereo, furniture and even the auto stores, is that during a recession the first thing to be cut back is the advertising budget then staff. Common sense comes into play here. If you don’t draw folks into your business by advertising, you won’t need the staff will you? During a recession peoples mindset changes, as you know you become alot more picky where and when you spend your money. An “open” sign on your door just won’t cut it. You need to advertise even more or at least at the same level to keep your name and brand alive in the mind of the consumer. Take MacDonalds for instance, they spend roughly 10% of what they make on advertising and during a recession they spend 10% of what they make on advertising. So when you listen to the radio or watch TV you see alot of MacDonalds ads, that’s because everyone else has cut back on theirs. This is one way that MacDonalds becomes recession proof. So don’t run scared, this is the time to step up to the plate and hit a home run. You have a great product, don’t hide it during a recession…TELL PEOPLE ABOUT IT AND BE CREATIVE.

More to come on how you can get more from your advertising budget…

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