Advertising in a Recession

coxvopic1.jpgOH !! there’s that “R” word again. If there’s one thing I hear from business owners and I’m not talking about the massive, MacDonalds or Wal-Marts, I talking about the normal businesses in your town, the stereo, furniture and even the auto stores, is that during a recession the first thing to be cut back is the advertising budget then staff. Common sense comes into play here. If you don’t draw folks into your business by advertising, you won’t need the staff will you? During a recession peoples mindset changes, as you know you become alot more picky where and when you spend your money. An “open” sign on your door just won’t cut it. You need to advertise even more or at least at the same level to keep your name and brand alive in the mind of the consumer. Take MacDonalds for instance, they spend roughly 10% of what they make on advertising and during a recession they spend 10% of what they make on advertising. So when you listen to the radio or watch TV you see alot of MacDonalds ads, that’s because everyone else has cut back on theirs. This is one way that MacDonalds becomes recession proof. So don’t run scared, this is the time to step up to the plate and hit a home run. You have a great product, don’t hide it during a recession…TELL PEOPLE ABOUT IT AND BE CREATIVE.

More to come on how you can get more from your advertising budget…

<>Thanks for the read

<>Bryan Cox

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  1. Hi Bryan,

    That’s an excellent piece of advice! From what I’ve also heard, advertising needs to go into overdrive during an “R”. Don’t want to say the word, either 😉

    There will be more opportunities for creative folks during a recession and more ‘traditional’ forms of advertising (print) as well as online ads.

    Thank you for inviting me to check out your new blog Bryan (see, advertising works! I clicked right through the email, read the post and commented).

    Best wishes,



  2. Hi, one of my friends said once “do not see the world through your TV set”. In your post you proved it again. TV folks impose panic on us all, while recession may turn into good opportunity.


  3. Bry, one of the best pieces of advice I got was from a Program Director, Tell them you’re going to do it, do it and then tell them you did it. The same applies here, we as voice over professionals need to be hawking our wares everywhere we go. I intend to do just that. Thanks for your insight.
    Scott Larson


  4. Great advice, sir. Thanks for posting this!


  5. Posted by Winnipeg Under Boss on January 28, 2008 at 6:17 pm

    I think we should watch how we label natural business events.
    Humans are all bovine by nature and we tend to follow each others lead. Its easier to be one of the herd.
    Somtimes the mere reporting of the numbers sets everyone into a dizzying tailspin and we forget that we are on budget and that we can, with clever marketing, move ahead. Usually its the forward thinkers that will lift us from an “R” if there ever was one in the first place. Talk to them, I bet they never admitted an “R” was an affect to them.
    Generally I think its a mindset and an excuse for “business is down and I have been getting lazy.” Son of a gun sometimes we actually have to work for our money and need to be creative to “lift” our businesses to suit the times.
    On the other hand maybe an “R” scare is a good thing as it can seperate the well run businesses from the poor. Business survival of the fittest so to say.
    (Now lets chat about cabin fever, thats just another excuse for being lazy!)

    Oops, sorry, I forgot this is a humor blog. GET BACK TO WORK!


  6. Hey can I copy and paste this post on my web site? What references must I give? You might give this info for other people too.


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