Walkers Canadian Wall

Wisconsin Gov and Presidential candidate Scott Walker or as Canada calls him…”Who”, wants to build a wall along the Canadian border. Has eating all that cheese in Wisconsin bunged up your thinking a bit? Looks like your doing a “copy and paste” of another candidate’s idea. The Commandment says…”Thou shall NOT steal.”
Canada has an election on at this moment as well. I’m waiting for Canada’s candidates for Prime Minister to respond in kind.


Rumour has it, The Liberals, NDP’s and Progressive Conservative’s, not the Green Party, because nobody really takes them seriously kind of like a Scott Walker trying to become President. Anyway all have met in a secret bunker and what this reporter has found out will shock.
    When the US North Wall is built, expect Canada to erect a huge speaker systems and blast your fine citizens with Neil Young, Justin Bieber, Leonard Cohen, Nickelback music 24 hours a day.


This will only cease when Canada will broadcast play by play of Lacrosse games.  Oh and you thought the War of 1812 (which Canada won BTW) was bad, just wait.

Star Pic

The US will have to keep some Canadians already down there like Ted Cruz, Justin Bieber, Jim Carrey, Seth Rogen, Ryan Reynolds and Norm MacDonald.


 He could be a Colonel in your Armed Forces. Plus a ton more hiding in plain sight. We in turn we want Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson back, because he used to play in the Canadian Football League and his Dad is a canuk plus Dwayne is just cool. Anyone else from south of the border that is already working in Canada will be allow to stay. As Canadians say, “Love Americans, they’re our Mexicans.” With that said, Americans will have a real choice on their hands, do you vacation in Mexico where your dollar buys so much or vacation in Canada where your dollar buys just as much? That’s why it’s always so windy in the US…the Mexican Peso BLOWS and the Canadian Dollar SUCKS. 

America you have the elite fight force “The Seals” but watch out for Canada’s secret force…”The Beavers”. I’ve found out that after your wall is built along the 49th, millions of Beavers will be called into service to gnaw through stone, wood metal and bring it down.
America, everyone of you knows…never piss off a beaver.
Mel Beaver
OK Scott Walker go ahead and build your little wall, built it out of cheese for all we care. This will give Canada a chance to figure out who you are and why you want to keep us out. Right now, when all others are “running” to become President…you Sir, are just a WALKER and by the way “Hey, Get Off My Lawn”

Bryan Cox 
CANADIAN/Radio Host/Producer/Writer/Comedian/Lover of the Back-Slash/


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