Has “McDonalds” GIVEN UP?



I love, love, love anything or anybody that shows …creativity! When public perception and I see that one of the biggest Corporations in the World, just sitting on their sacks of money and copying ideas from others, I know that we might be close to “End of Days”.

   In Canada, it looks like McDonalds have either decided of jump off the Creative Commercial train or have been taken to the cleaners by a very un-creative Ad Agency that might be run by, Clowns.

   Let’s have a look at one campaign … Back in Jan-Feb 2015 Lays Chips ran a cleaver campaign asking Canada to pick a flavour that best represented their area of Canada.. Here have a look

    In the SUMMER of 2015, McDonalds offered flavours from a different region of Canada…The “McLobster” represented Atlantic Canada, Maple and Bacon Poutine repped Quebec, “The Nanaimo Crumble” stood tall for the West Coast, “Cottage Country Chicken” counted Ontario in and Western Canada was shown off through the Western BBQ Burger. McDonalds this was a blatant rip off from the Lays idea.

 As they say in commercials, “We won’t stop there…Wait …there’s more.”

  A & W has been doing commercials for over 2 years, where they have a spokesman go out on the street or to events and offer folks food and then get’s their comments. Have a peek at this…

    Now, I don’t know what McDonalds paid the “McClown Ad Agency” for this completely original advertising idea, but if you keep reading I might have a few for you… Have a look

Oh and look what McDonalds did after I posted this revealing video…made it private. Anyway there was spokesperson carrying out burgers to a group at the Calgary Stampede then asking them what they think. Duh….A&W has been doing that for years.
   I have to tell you, I’m in that advertising game, writing and voicing. Knowing first hand how hard it is to come up with an idea that will blow someone away. So when I see huge companies like McDonalds giving up the Creative ghost, I have to shake my head.
   Hey, McDonalds or Ad Guys from McClown, you can steal these ideas. Or, pay me even hire me, that would be nice. Oh by the way, I’m sure noooo one has thought of these, but feel free to add some of your own folks…ha ha

—Instead of having a Clown with red hair as your mascot. Why not hire just a cute, hot woman with red hair?

—How about a burger that disappears so fast and cleans on the way out…you could call it the Mr McClean?

—A giant Fish Sandwich that comes with a story just as big, call it The McWhopper…ya, “whopper” is a good name.

  To solve some of the Worlds problems, plus keep us all entertained while you do it, we have to be, CREATIVE. Please don’t give up. Whether you’re an author, commercial copy writer, lawyer what ever, just never stop being CREATIVE. The World will be a better place for it. Hey, McDonalds and your Ad Guys…Get Off My Lawn!

Bryan Cox…. Radio Host/Author/Speaker/Lover of the Back-slash/

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