Political Advertising Theft in CANADA


   In another post we took apart McDonalds for not being creative in their choices. Now you won’t believe what the National political parties in Canada are doing. They are proving that they’re about as creative as the Summer TV schedule…RE-RUNS!

   The advent of the “Political Attack Ad” is kind of a new thing in Canada compared to other Countries. One reason is, the first commandment from the tablets that were handed down from a mountain somewhere in Banff, is “Thou Shall NOT Offend”. Times have changed Canadian Politicians have walked to the edge of the advertising precipice and have gazed down on the results of negative ads from our neighbours to the South.

  In 2011 the NDP hire a big ad agency to come up with an ad that attacks, but in a nice way. This was for a local election.

Skipping ahead to election 2015 the Conservative Party comes out and I might add, first out of the advertising gate. You know with the attitude, “Hit em first, Hit em hard”. The only problem is, that they came out with an ad the NDP used years before in a local Manitoba market. The Conservatives ran the hell out of that old NDP idea and really made it their own. Here’s The Progressive Conservative Ad 2015…does it look like something you’ve seen before?

Now the NDP have come out with an attack ad against the Conservative Party. You would think that out of the millions that are spent on creative political advertising, they could come up with an ad that could spark water cooler talk and news stories across the Nation. Nope, they just pay massive dollars to an ad agency, that sells them back their original idea. Now, if elected, the NDP look like they’ll govern with ideas stolen from others. No one remembers the old Manitoba ad at this point. Here’s the NEW and I stress NEW ad from the NDP

Listen here’s the bottom line. The NDP ad guys come up with the Idea, The Conservative ad guys steal that idea, The Liberals ad guys make fun of that idea, then the NDP ad guys use their commercial idea again.

Can the Canadian political parties only come up with ONE idea? They treating their advertising ideas like CTV, Global and CBC News treat a news story, kick the hell out of it over and over and over again. Out of the millions of creative ad’s that they could come out with, they all rally behind an old, now very tired, idea.

OFFER… I make some of my living from writing and Voicing commercials. I will come up with a completely new and fresh attack ad for any party, costing you only half of what you’re spending right now. Can we talk?? So until then…”Hey, Get Off My Lawn”

Bryan Cox (Radio Host/Author/Comedian/Speaker/Voice Actor and Producer/Lover of the Backslash)

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