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I Really WISH You Didn’t

   The Children’s Wish Foundation just did something I wish they hadn’t. They brought out a “Collector Card Series” or what they call the, “Wish Hero Series” featuring a sick child on each card. There are 6 cards in the series.

   After seeing the Director on a TV interview saying YES to the question, “You buy one ticket for the Childrens’s Wish Lottery, you get a card, you buy 2 tickets you get another ticket.” So I report.. “When you buy a ticket for the Children’s Wish Lottery, they send you a card to start your collection along with your ticket.” she told me via phone, my information was WRONG. When I brought up the TV interview she replied, “I couldn’t correct him on live TV!”12001087_1142164262479786_4883225065240092503_o

   These children are suffering through life threatening illness and have asked the Wish Foundation to grant them a special wish. Then with the help of sponsors and private donations the wish is granted.

When I worked with the Foundation, one of our goals was to make the child happy with the granted wish and never put the child in the public eye. The reason was that the child is and has been going through enough facing mortality. That seems to have changed, to flaunting the child in front of the public.
One argument is, that these cards show where your donation is going. That begs the questions, do you really need a picture of a sick child to make you feel better? Will you take your collection to parties and trade with friends?

I don’t know if you remember back in the 90’s when the Serial Killer Collector Card series caused a National outcry. Then there was the True Crime Series. Granted, those were pretty grotesque and is at the other end of the spectrum.

If collecting pictures of sick kids floats your boat, then we should have a bigger series of cards, “The Syrian Refugee Collection”, collect them all 1 through 2,000,000. How about starting the collection off with the picture of that poor baby on the beach. The Cancer Society could bring out picture cards to show how cancer ravages the body. Oh wait, they do that on every cigarette package in Canada. Not as far as I know, is anyone cutting those pictures out and trading them. Cig Pack Canada

Oh here’s another idea, a card collection with pictures of all the men and women that signed up on Ashley Madison. Proceeds could go to Children’s Shelters.
The Children’s Wish Foundation does great work and has made children smile with over 22,000 wishes granted. In my opinion, whoever came up with the idea of a Card collection, was way off the mark. I have to add that the Wish Foundation told me, that all of the kids and families of these “carded” children were if full favour of this campaign and have signed a Publicity Release. The kids want help other children and call themselves “Wish Forward Kids.”

 Please keep helping the kids. If anyone or a sponsor needs proof that you’re helping, send them a personal letter with the details, not a Card Collection. So in this case, CWF Hey, Get Off My Lawn.

Bryan Cox (Radio Host/Speaker/Humorist/Lover of the Back/Slash)

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