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“Ensure” Commercials Help the Homeless?

Ensure 2

    If you can’t laugh at yourself, please allow me to do it for you. The creativity of commercials really engage me. They’re the calling cards to show the World that you’re here and you should take notice of what they offer. When I see great commercials I actually send an email to the company and tell them just that. That makes me happy I work in the industry. When I see crap, it ends up here on the page, then that will be forwarded on to the company.
In the past we’ve scolded Canadian Political Parties for Ad Idea Theft and caught McDonalds for the complete lack of creativity and copying the competition in their ads After mentioning this, they pulled their ad off of Youtube so I couldn’t use it as an example.

  We now take a look at a few commercials for Ensure. This is a nutritional drink. Their commercials seem to be aimed at the aging boomer. I’m not sure if these ads run in both Canada and the US. Canada has them for sure. I’ve looked for a copy of these spots on YouTube but they haven’t put them up yet or they realized they were so stupid , they took them down.


   Ensure commercial #1 that pisses me off.
Here’s what might have been pitched to Abbott, makers of Ensure, by some ad agency executive that was on meth or had been on 3 week bender before the presentation.

   A healthy looking man, maybe in his early 60’s is playing soccer, with what seems to be his grandson. There is a wooded area behind the huge grandfather guarded goal net. Boy kicks the ball and it goes over the net into the wooded area. Then we see a the plastic Ensure bottle start rolling down a hill bouncing and turning. Grandfather ends up behind the net looking for the ball. Low and behold a bottle of Ensure rolls up to his feet. He picks it up off the ground and drinks it.

   Ensure commercial #2 …pretty well the same as the first
A shot of a busy healthy woman, maybe in her late 50’s early 60’s. I’ve never been good a judging a woman’s age, so let’s move on. She’s shopping, running from place to place. Break away to a shot of a bottle of Ensure rolling, bouncing and turning through the city streets. The woman arrives at the bottom of a massive outdoor staircase, which would kill most out of shape climbers. She gazes up, just as the bottle of Ensure rolls down. She picks the bottle up and drinks it.


    I’m so much like you, whenever we see a bottle of anything sitting on the ground, we look around, then pick it up, and drink it. Come on, really? Picking crap up off the ground, then consume it? This begs the questions, are they marketing to the homeless? What kind of drugs are in Ensure that your parent company, Abbott, would fall for such a campaign? Did the advertising agency have a picture of Abbott management with a goat or something to make you go for this kind of advertising?


     Abbott you really got the wool pulled over your eyes by some smart talking, chart showing pitchman who does not live in the real world. You probably spent a fortune on those spots. So, to Abbott and the ad agency that came up with the creative for these spots, here’s a FREE idea encompassing another product you sell.

Pedialyte … replaces minerals and nutrient loss because of vomiting and diarrhea.
CommercialSomewhere in the hood, deep in a dimly lit back alley. We see 2 drug addicts puking their guts out. After they’re finished they decide to go dumpster diving and come up with a half used bottle of Pedialyte.
Voice over, which I’d be happy to supply you with, comes in, “Sometimes, you have to go DEEP for …RELIEF”.


   If you’re going to spend your advertising dollar on something make sure you get a product that shows you in a good light and not something that’s comical, unless you were going for comedy. Until you guys come down off of what your on, “Hey Get Off My Lawn” WAIT, Here’s a thought, I could throw stuff on my lawn and you could come over and eat it.

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Bryan Cox (Author/Speaker/Ad Critic/ Comedian/Lover of the back/slash)

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Political Advertising Theft in CANADA


   In another post we took apart McDonalds for not being creative in their choices. Now you won’t believe what the National political parties in Canada are doing. They are proving that they’re about as creative as the Summer TV schedule…RE-RUNS!

   The advent of the “Political Attack Ad” is kind of a new thing in Canada compared to other Countries. One reason is, the first commandment from the tablets that were handed down from a mountain somewhere in Banff, is “Thou Shall NOT Offend”. Times have changed Canadian Politicians have walked to the edge of the advertising precipice and have gazed down on the results of negative ads from our neighbours to the South.

  In 2011 the NDP hire a big ad agency to come up with an ad that attacks, but in a nice way. This was for a local election.

Skipping ahead to election 2015 the Conservative Party comes out and I might add, first out of the advertising gate. You know with the attitude, “Hit em first, Hit em hard”. The only problem is, that they came out with an ad the NDP used years before in a local Manitoba market. The Conservatives ran the hell out of that old NDP idea and really made it their own. Here’s The Progressive Conservative Ad 2015…does it look like something you’ve seen before?

Now the NDP have come out with an attack ad against the Conservative Party. You would think that out of the millions that are spent on creative political advertising, they could come up with an ad that could spark water cooler talk and news stories across the Nation. Nope, they just pay massive dollars to an ad agency, that sells them back their original idea. Now, if elected, the NDP look like they’ll govern with ideas stolen from others. No one remembers the old Manitoba ad at this point. Here’s the NEW and I stress NEW ad from the NDP

Listen here’s the bottom line. The NDP ad guys come up with the Idea, The Conservative ad guys steal that idea, The Liberals ad guys make fun of that idea, then the NDP ad guys use their commercial idea again.

Can the Canadian political parties only come up with ONE idea? They treating their advertising ideas like CTV, Global and CBC News treat a news story, kick the hell out of it over and over and over again. Out of the millions of creative ad’s that they could come out with, they all rally behind an old, now very tired, idea.

OFFER… I make some of my living from writing and Voicing commercials. I will come up with a completely new and fresh attack ad for any party, costing you only half of what you’re spending right now. Can we talk?? So until then…”Hey, Get Off My Lawn”

Bryan Cox (Radio Host/Author/Comedian/Speaker/Voice Actor and Producer/Lover of the Backslash)

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