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What Radio and TV Sales Won’t Tell You


   You know when someone tells you a joke that you’ve heard a million times before, your mind zones out. You don’t hear any of it, all you’re doing is dying for the end and then you politely laugh. Or you stop the joke teller, like 4 sec into the joke with “Oh, I’ve heard that one before.”


   The same holds true for commercials. Radio or TV it doesn’t matter. With the advent of digital media the audience attention span has really shortened. On the internet you approximately 4 secs before your audience is gone. So if a page on your website or a video loads slowly, you’ve lost them. If you run the same commercial for a month, day in and day out, your audience gets tired of it and zones out. Any married woman can tell you,”I keep telling my husband over and over and over, it’s like he never hears me! It’s called “Listener Fatigue.”

Nagging Wife

Ad agencies, radio and TV sales people won’t tell you this. Remember they want to make a sale. They make their money on the time of day and how many times your commercial airs. Was they will tell you is that thousands will hear your commercial. But how many will be bored with it by the 5th playing? They rarely think of what the audience sees and hears. Yes, your commercial. This is the bread and butter to help your business succeed.

   It’s time the ad, radio and TV people get off the pot and tell clients the truth. Repetition is not the way to go, but a new fresh message is.Repetition

   There are few companies that keep their message fresh. Off the top of my head on the TV side, Geico and Canadian Tire come to mind. I’m sure you can think of a few more. As a company and if you’re planning an ad campaign, keep it fresh. This goes for TV networks, OMG, change up your promos once and awhile.


   Most agencies would sell a client one over priced spot. Radio stations will sell them one spot as well. Radio also tell the client that they’ll produce it for free. WOW, what an offer. Yes, that commercial will be read by the guy you hear on 30 other spots. Oh, that’ll make your spot stand out. It would be like trying to find Donald Trump in a field of Egos. Here’s a hint, use a voice that isn’t normally heard in your marketplace.


I’m lucky to work with creative clients that want to do radio. Depending on the length of their campaign, I don’t ever sell them just one ad. Let’s say they’re going to advertise for 3 weeks with 5 spots per day, 2 in morning drive and 3 in afternoon drive. I do 3 spots for them under the same theme, advertising a different aspect of the sale or business. They can run a different spot for a week or rotate the 3 spots evenly over the 3 week run. These spots are listened to more and longer, because they are listener fresh. The client gets this for a price that would be half or less a big agency would charge for one commercial.


Try this Mr Business owner, the next time you are visited by a radio sales guy, ask for 3 different spots for your sale at the price you’re paying. Believe me, those guys can grind out spots in no time and it won’t take them that much longer to make you a happy camper.

In this time of down turned economies every business has to work that much harder and smarter, for a positive bottom line. It’s time that agencies, radio and TV jumped on board. Remember, clients want you to go that extra mile. Ad agencies, radio and TV sales seem to be offering less, for more money. A happy client, is a return client, and they’ll tell two friends and so on. It’s time we all got down to business and if you can’t, “Hey, Get Off My Lawn”


Bryan Cox  (Radio Host, Speaker, Author, Comedian)


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Ok, Gave It Up, Call Me A Quitter!


    Well, it’s been around the 6 month mark of not smoking. After 2 bouts with Cancer, putting up with constant nagging from Doctors, family to good friends, I thought maybe, it’s time. 40 years was long enough. It wasn’t the doctors that got to me. Oh God, their stuff is just getting old. They blame *everything* on the fact you smoke. You walk in with a broken toe because you stubbed it, the doc says…”Well the reason you toe broke is because you probably had smoke in your eyes and couldn’t see where you were you were going…I can’t stress enough, QUIT SMOKING”Blah Blah Blah.

   Damn, I loved it though. I find myself cruising used car lots finding and sitting in the cars that were smoked in. I’m even putting car air fresheners in my meat smoker and letting them slow roast over a pack Benson and Hedges, then selling them on the “I used to smoke” Black Market. I’m kind of in a space like a food addict would be in, when he discovers there’s a food channel.

   Life changes for you and those around you when you don’t smoke. Some good and some bad.

   Loneliness? oh hell ya, No more going outside when it’s -40 making new friends with folks that love to say, “Cold enough for ya”.


   NOW, I have to be like every other guy on the Planet and fall asleep after SEX, because there’s no more smokin’ SORRY ladies no more chatting.  OK, I can here the jokes…”what no more smokin’, have you looked?”


  Yes folks, thanks to me band-aid companies will go broke and thousands will be out of job. No more going to pull the cigarette out of my mouth and as my fingers slide down just to have the burning end comes off between my fore and middle finger.

Finger burn

   Yes it will be my fault that the environment will end up in the more saving my empties to afford a 15 dollar (Canada) pack of smokes. Yes, this is also a picture of every lonely non smoking Canadian Comedian, in his natural Habitat.


   One good thing about quiting smoking, is that there is more of an employment opportunity for kids coming out of school …. in the Anger Management field.

anger management

   No more burn marks on my cars back seat. That’s right no more butts being pushed back in the car by the wind when I flick them out of the window. This means we can say GOOD BYE to the Mom and Pop Car Upholstery business.


   I thought because I owned an iPhone and a Mac computer made me enough of a self righteous ass. Now lets add in, the looking down your nose non-smoker, Holy Crap, pretty soon this will be me. It’s always so nice …above the water.

Walk on water
But back to that Loneliness thing again.

   Come to think of it, I had more friends when I smoked. I think because I was more of an even keel. Sure I make fun of it, but know it’s better for me and everyone else that hangs out around me. This bit, by the way, was only about quitting smoking cigarettes.  Even though I don’t use them any more, I’m still in love with Cigarettes, ….butt soon, very soon I’ll be able to  say to them, “Hey, Get Off My Lawn”.

Bryan Cox,  (Radio Host/Comedian/Speaker/Author/Lover of the Back/Slash

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Political Advertising Theft in CANADA


   In another post we took apart McDonalds for not being creative in their choices. Now you won’t believe what the National political parties in Canada are doing. They are proving that they’re about as creative as the Summer TV schedule…RE-RUNS!

   The advent of the “Political Attack Ad” is kind of a new thing in Canada compared to other Countries. One reason is, the first commandment from the tablets that were handed down from a mountain somewhere in Banff, is “Thou Shall NOT Offend”. Times have changed Canadian Politicians have walked to the edge of the advertising precipice and have gazed down on the results of negative ads from our neighbours to the South.

  In 2011 the NDP hire a big ad agency to come up with an ad that attacks, but in a nice way. This was for a local election.

Skipping ahead to election 2015 the Conservative Party comes out and I might add, first out of the advertising gate. You know with the attitude, “Hit em first, Hit em hard”. The only problem is, that they came out with an ad the NDP used years before in a local Manitoba market. The Conservatives ran the hell out of that old NDP idea and really made it their own. Here’s The Progressive Conservative Ad 2015…does it look like something you’ve seen before?

Now the NDP have come out with an attack ad against the Conservative Party. You would think that out of the millions that are spent on creative political advertising, they could come up with an ad that could spark water cooler talk and news stories across the Nation. Nope, they just pay massive dollars to an ad agency, that sells them back their original idea. Now, if elected, the NDP look like they’ll govern with ideas stolen from others. No one remembers the old Manitoba ad at this point. Here’s the NEW and I stress NEW ad from the NDP

Listen here’s the bottom line. The NDP ad guys come up with the Idea, The Conservative ad guys steal that idea, The Liberals ad guys make fun of that idea, then the NDP ad guys use their commercial idea again.

Can the Canadian political parties only come up with ONE idea? They treating their advertising ideas like CTV, Global and CBC News treat a news story, kick the hell out of it over and over and over again. Out of the millions of creative ad’s that they could come out with, they all rally behind an old, now very tired, idea.

OFFER… I make some of my living from writing and Voicing commercials. I will come up with a completely new and fresh attack ad for any party, costing you only half of what you’re spending right now. Can we talk?? So until then…”Hey, Get Off My Lawn”

Bryan Cox (Radio Host/Author/Comedian/Speaker/Voice Actor and Producer/Lover of the Backslash)

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Has “McDonalds” GIVEN UP?



I love, love, love anything or anybody that shows …creativity! When public perception and I see that one of the biggest Corporations in the World, just sitting on their sacks of money and copying ideas from others, I know that we might be close to “End of Days”.

   In Canada, it looks like McDonalds have either decided of jump off the Creative Commercial train or have been taken to the cleaners by a very un-creative Ad Agency that might be run by, Clowns.

   Let’s have a look at one campaign … Back in Jan-Feb 2015 Lays Chips ran a cleaver campaign asking Canada to pick a flavour that best represented their area of Canada.. Here have a look

    In the SUMMER of 2015, McDonalds offered flavours from a different region of Canada…The “McLobster” represented Atlantic Canada, Maple and Bacon Poutine repped Quebec, “The Nanaimo Crumble” stood tall for the West Coast, “Cottage Country Chicken” counted Ontario in and Western Canada was shown off through the Western BBQ Burger. McDonalds this was a blatant rip off from the Lays idea.

 As they say in commercials, “We won’t stop there…Wait …there’s more.”

  A & W has been doing commercials for over 2 years, where they have a spokesman go out on the street or to events and offer folks food and then get’s their comments. Have a peek at this…

    Now, I don’t know what McDonalds paid the “McClown Ad Agency” for this completely original advertising idea, but if you keep reading I might have a few for you… Have a look

Oh and look what McDonalds did after I posted this revealing video…made it private. Anyway there was spokesperson carrying out burgers to a group at the Calgary Stampede then asking them what they think. Duh….A&W has been doing that for years.
   I have to tell you, I’m in that advertising game, writing and voicing. Knowing first hand how hard it is to come up with an idea that will blow someone away. So when I see huge companies like McDonalds giving up the Creative ghost, I have to shake my head.
   Hey, McDonalds or Ad Guys from McClown, you can steal these ideas. Or, pay me even hire me, that would be nice. Oh by the way, I’m sure noooo one has thought of these, but feel free to add some of your own folks…ha ha

—Instead of having a Clown with red hair as your mascot. Why not hire just a cute, hot woman with red hair?

—How about a burger that disappears so fast and cleans on the way out…you could call it the Mr McClean?

—A giant Fish Sandwich that comes with a story just as big, call it The McWhopper…ya, “whopper” is a good name.

  To solve some of the Worlds problems, plus keep us all entertained while you do it, we have to be, CREATIVE. Please don’t give up. Whether you’re an author, commercial copy writer, lawyer what ever, just never stop being CREATIVE. The World will be a better place for it. Hey, McDonalds and your Ad Guys…Get Off My Lawn!

Bryan Cox…. Radio Host/Author/Speaker/Lover of the Back-slash/

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